Contact us to learn how your time, efforts, and expertise can help MCVLP and the people of Madison County.


The Madison County Volunteer Lawyers Program consists of over 350 local attorneys who regularly share their time and talent with those in need.  To enroll, simply contact our office and let us know what types of cases you would be willing to handle.  We also need volunteers for several “done in a day” events such as the monthly Attorney Help Desk and the Saturday Legal Clinic.  Our clients also have a wide variety of needs  – some may need something as simple as a few words of advice over the telephone, or a review of documentation that they have prepared pro se, while others need assistance with contested litigation.  There are a multitude of opportunities for lawyers looking for experience to bolster their private practice experience or learn a new area of law.

The Mentorship program is also a great way to get involved.  More experienced lawyers who may not have the time to take on a case by themselves can offer to serve as mentors to younger lawyers, who, in turn, get the benefit of learning from an expert and gaining valuable experience.  If you are interested in serving as a mentor, please contact Alison Trefry at atrefry@vlpmadisoncounty.com.